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전체 21  
Educational Psychology: Windows on Classrooms, 10/e (GE)
Paul Eggen, Don Kauchak

2015년10월29일 l 752면 l 45,000원

Human Learning, 7/e (GE)
Jeanne Ellis Ormrod

2015년10월05일 l 624면 l 39,000원

Growing Up Gifted, 8/e (NIE)
Barbara Clark

2014년01월01일 l 420면 l 42,000원

Fundamentals of Phonetics: A Practical Guide for Students, 3/e (NIE)
Larry H. Small

2014년01월01일 l 395면 l 35,000원

Child Development and Education, 5/e (IE)
Teresa M. McDevitt

2013년01월01일 l 768면 l 39,000원

Collaboration, Consultation, and Teamwork for Students with Special Needs, 7/e (IE)
Peggy Dettmer

2013년01월01일 l 480면 l 35,000원

Articulatory Phonetics
Bryan Gick, Ian Wilson, Donald Derrick

2013년01월01일 l 272면 l 39,000원

Foundations of Voice Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Voice Production and Perception
Jody Kreiman, Diana Van Lancker Sidtis

2013년01월01일 l 512면 l 43,000원

Infants, Children, and Adolescents, 7/e (IE)
Laura E. Berk

2012년01월01일 l 816면 l 40,000원

Language Development: An Introduction, 8/e (IE)
Robert E. Owens, Jr.

2012년01월01일 l 504면 l 39,000원

Basic Guide to Supervision and Instructional Leadership, 3/e (IE)
Carl D. Glickman

2012년01월01일 l 384면 l 33,000원

Language Development
Patricia Brooks, Vera Kempe

2012년01월01일 l 400면 l 35,000원

Learning Theories in Childhood
Colette Gray, Sean MacBlain

2012년01월01일 l 184면 l 35,000원

Educational Leadership: Context, Strategy and Collaboration
Margaret Preedy, Nigel Bennett, Christine Wise

2012년01월01일 l 312면 l 35,000원

Fundamentals of Statistical Reasoning in Education, 3/e
Theodore Coladarci, Casey D. Cobb, Edward W. Minium, Robert C. Clarke

2011년01월01일 l 480면 l 42,000원

Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Effective and Reflective Practices, 7/e (IE)
Spencer J. Salend

2011년01월01일 l 560면 l 45,000원

Emotional Intelligence: Achieving Academic and Career Excellence in College and in Life, 2/e
Darwin B. Nelson

2011년01월01일 l 240면 l 25,000원

Applying Educational Research, 6/e
Joyce P. Gall

2010년01월01일 l 600면 l 35,000원

Assessment Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals, 7/e (IE)
Robert J. Drummond

2010년01월01일 l 496면 l 39,000원

Acute and Critical Care Medicine at a Glance, 2/e
Richard M. Leach

2009년01월01일 l 144면 l 39,000원

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