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Conflict After the Cold War, 5/e: Arguments on Causes of War and Peace
Richard K. Betts

2017년04월11일 l 666면 l 48,000원

Essentials of International Relations, 7/e (IE)
Karen A. Mingst, Ivan M. Arreguin-Toft

2016년08월01일 l 544면 l 39,000원

Essentials of Comparative Politics, 5/e (IE)
Patrick H. O'Neil

2015년06월03일 l 456면 l 38,000원

Environmental Conflict Management
Tracylee Clarke, Tarla Rai Peterson

2015년05월01일 l 248면 l 38,000원

Understanding Conflict Resolution, 4/e
Peter Wallensteen

2015년04월01일 l 352면 l 33,000원

Public Policy: Politics, Analysis, and Alternatives, 5/e
Michael E. Kraft, Scott R. Furlong

2014년12월18일 l 568면 l 45,000원

Comparative Politics Today: A World View, 11/e (GE)
G. Bingham Powell, Kaare Strom, Russell J. Dalton

2014년08월22일 l 768면 l 45,000원

International Politics: Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues, 12/e (GE)
Robert Jervis, Robert J. Art

2014년07월17일 l 512면 l 39,000원

Propaganda and Persuasion, 6/e
Garth S. Jowett, Victoria O'Donnell

2014년03월11일 l 480면 l 39,000원

Essentials of International Relations, 6/e (IE)
Karen A. Mingst, Ivan Arreguin-Toft

2014년01월01일 l 528면 l 25,000원

Comparative Politics Today: A World View, 10/e (NIE)
ingham G. Powell, Russell J. Dalton, Kaare Strom

2014년01월01일 l 741면 l 45,000원

International Relations: 2012-2013 Update, 10/e (NIE)
Joshua Goldstein, Jon C. Pevehouse

2014년01월01일 l 579면 l 48,000원

Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation: An Introduction to Theory and History, 9/e (NIE)
Joseph S. Nye, David A. Welch

2014년01월01일 l 384면 l 29,000원

Understanding the Political World: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science, 11/e (NIE)
James N. Danziger

2013년11월01일 l 416면 l 45,000원

Countries and Concepts: Politics, Geography, Culture, 12/e (IE)
Michael G. Roskin

2013년01월01일 l 544면 l 33,000원

Principles of Comparative Politics
Gregory Mahler

2013년01월01일 l 512면 l 23,000원

Public Administration and Public Affairs, 12/e
D. J. Henry

2013년01월01일 l 496면 l 42,000원

Understanding the Political World: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science, 11/e (IE)
James N. Danziger

2013년01월01일 l 528면 l 43,000원

Conflict After the Cold War, 4/e: Arguments on Causes of War and Peace
Richard K. Betts

2012년02월23일 l 688면 l 48,000원

Cases in Comparative Politics, 4/e
Patrick H. O'Neil, Karl Fields, Don Share

2012년01월01일 l 731면 l 42,000원

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